Steven Cervantes for Thornton Mayor

My fellow Thornton Residents,

It is with great pride that I announce my candidacy for Mayor of Thornton!

Why Mayor?

As a previous candidate for City Council for Ward 1, I worked tirelessly to understand the needs of my fellow neighbors and the city. Although I didn't win the election in 2017, I was reinforced with the fact that the greatest influence on the future of the city is with those who we elect to represent us on City Council. The Mayor sets the tone for the rest of the Council and its interactions with residents.

What makes me different from other candidates?

Serving on the Finance and Audit Committee for Adams 12 Five Star Schools, Community Service Block Grant Advisory Council for Adams County and the Thornton Assistance Funds Committees, I have gained a deeper understanding of finance, budgeting and planning with public money. I helped to spread awareness to the community about wasteful water habits as a Water Ambassador and volunteered my time to complete tax returns free of charge to low income individuals and families as a Tax Preparer for Tax Help Colorado.

As Vice-President of the National Society of Leadership and Success, I had the pleasure of leading and developing leadership qualities and success habits in 500+ students through various training's and skill building workshops. Additionally, meeting fundraising goals to pay membership dues and to fund future activities and trips. I also had the honor to present these students with their Certificates of Completion upon graduation in a dedicated ceremony in front of family, friends, faculty and staff.

As a graduate of the Thornton Fire Department's Citizens Academy and the Adams 12 Five Star Leadership Academy, I have had the privilege of learning more about the Fire Department and the School District's successes, challenges, and areas of opportunity.

Through these experiences, I have gained skills that have allowed me to handle complex situations involving ambiguity, criticism, complex rules and regulations and changes to industry regulation, all while leading others with a positive and adaptive mentality and a strong desire to succeed. These are all necessities when taking the city in a new direction. I am willing and able to make the tough decisions that will benefit Thornton, its residents, and businesses long term while not being short sighted in nature.

So what does that mean for you and how will I make a difference as your Mayor?

With the city growing and expanding at a tremendous rate and the economy changing in unprecedented ways, we need to adapt with the times and move forward as a city. We need to bring a renewed focus and effort to revitalizing southern Thornton, focus on becoming energy efficient and provide our residents with many of the amenities that are often found outside the city.

As your Mayor, I will:

    1. Bring higher paying jobs to the city while continuing with capital improvement projects throughout the city
    2. Bring more affordable housing to the city
    3. Not support Oil & Gas developments and will commit the city to renewable energy
    4. Advocate for education reform

I sincerely thank you for all the time that you have given me to gain your trust and approval.

Elect Steven Cervantes for Thornton Mayor!

Please like, share and follow my social media pages. Please help make a difference by donating, endorsing and volunteering for my campaign.

I look forward to serving you.

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